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We're so happy that you've considered us to help make your event the best it can be! As you'll see, we specialize in multiple areas of entertainment for your party so please browse through our Entertainers and see which serves your event best. Hey, maybe it's all of them!

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More than just a party...


We think every party or event should be one to remember! With our help, you can book amazing Children's Entertainers that will bring a smile across everyone's face. Here's a quick look at our most popular entertainment options!


Face Painting

Where imaginations run free

Before everything else at the event, kids are lining up by the face painter! It's a sure and fast way to get the party started so rest assured you chose well! Find out more: Services

Glitter & Ink Tattoos

venture on the wild side

Sometimes kids don't want face paint because they think they're bad to the bone! No worries, get them excited for glitter and ink tattoos so they can show their tough side! 
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Balloon Twisting

half an ounce of pure joy

Let's admit it, big or small, we ALL love balloons! You can ask for anything from our talented balloon artists & they can even make your favorite popular characters!
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Dizzy Darla & Friends

they're not weird, they're gifted

These gals are gifted at getting a big ol' laugh out of you, with their fun and goofy antics! With their non-stop jokes and crazy cool talents, they'll have you laughing yourself silly. 
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Children's Entertainers

Artists in black with a big inviting smile

Our team can bring joy and laughs to your event, while serving up fun with a smile on their face and looking professional in all black attire. 
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Special Events & More

The sky is the limit & we can help

Are you having a special event? Are you having a photoshoot? Contact us so we can create something absolutely amazing to bring your ideas to the max! 
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And we have so much more!
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