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Not sure what you should book for your event? No problem! Check out our options below and we can help you decide which entertainer would be best for your Guests & Guest of Honor! If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask!

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Face Painting

The most popular option at any event! Kids (& adults, too) love to transform into their favorite characters and animals. We can paint virtually anything you can imagine-- the best part is seeing those giant smiles in the mirror when it's all said and done. Not only do kids love this, but parents love that it's all water-based paint, non-toxic and hypoallergenic. Everyone can have lots of fun, and cleanup is fast with regular ol' soap and water.

Balloon Twisting

After Face Painters, Balloon Artists are a very popular option as well! Our team is incredibly talented and can create some fancy designs! Do you have a certain theme: Super Hero's, Princesses, Pirates, Animal Jungle? Let us know! We'll be sure to come prepared and have some great ideas for your kids (& adults too!). 



Glitter & Ink Tattoos

If you love face paint with it's cool designs and sparkly glitter, then you'll absolutely love Glitter & Ink Tattoos! Kids can get a cool sleeve in their favorite shiny colors and choose their favorite designs from our sample boards. Kids can rock their cool tat's for up to 5 days! You want to know the best part about these? They are waterproof; so they're perfect for that summer pool party! 

Festival & Event Makeup

Are you finally going to that awesome music festival you've been dying to go to?  You finally have everything ready to go, but what about your makeup? You wanna make sure that you stand out and look great for the big night! And without a doubt, you're traveling with your best friends, so give us a call and have us glam you ladies up right! 



Children Entertainers

Do you want someone who can entertain your guests in a professional manner and bring out the big smiles from the little ones? Our Children Entertainers are perfect for your event with many talents to make your event extra special. You can spot our Children Entertainers dressed in all black attire with a decorative rainbow vest. 

*Packages can include Face Painting, Balloon Twisting &/or a Small Magic Show. Please ask for more details.


Belly Paintings

Doesn't matter if you're a first time mama or a super mama expert, Belly Paintings are always a fun way to celebrate your beautiful pregnancy! From a gender reveal party to an intimate photoshoot, we're sure you'll have a great time! Wait, you don't have a photographer? No problem, we can recommend excellent and professional photographers for you!



Caricature Artists

Our Caricature Artists come fully prepared with professional quality paper and protective sleeves for each drawing. They can do approximately 20 black and white drawings, or 10 color drawings per hour! (WOW!) We have the capability to customize the paper with a logo, wedding date, birthday, etc. What a fantastic gift to send your guests away with!


Our Awesome Magicians can do everything from a 45 minute Comedy Magic Show, great for any birthday event, to large stage shows for corporate events and Educational School Shows! He worked as a professional magician for over 15 years and his resume includes performing at the Magic Castle in Hollywood!


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Dizzy Darla & Friends

Did you hear about the circus show? It was in’tents’! (hahaha!) Bring something silly & wild to your event and you'll see kids, teens & adults giggle and laugh until their sides hurt. Dizzy Darla has lots of different friends with lots of unique talents- ask for them all so you have the best entertainer for your event! 

*Packages can include Face Painting, Balloon Twisting &/or a Small Magic Show. Please ask for more details.

& We Have So Much More!

• Henna Artists
• Science Shows
• Real Bearded Santas
• Reptile Shows
• Polynesian Dancers
•Exotic Animal Shows
•School Programs


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